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Below is my basic attempt to keep readers and friends up to date on myself and my future projects.

What's new...

2 Feb 2023:  Wow, things have been busy!  Just spent some time updating this website, but it's a slow process.  So many new books out there.  We have been super-productive over the past year, releasing several new books, all with a very small team of editors, writers, and assistants.  I also published 6 articles in 2022 -- fewer than I'd like, but not bad, all things considered.  I also spent a lot of time traveling, which is very helpful for establishing new contacts, but it also makes it tough to put out new work.  But sales are growing and there is increasing interest in our books, so that's a great sign.  Most of my material is released through Clemens & Blair (, so check there for latest books.  And PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING!  We are up against some very powerful forces, and we need all the help we can get; the C&B site has a Donate button, if you are interested in supporting our work.


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