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Holocaust revisionism in

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Basic themes in Holocaust revisionism, on one short PDF file.  Best short introduction around!

Jewish tactics against free speech

In the 1990s, a black professor, Tony Martin, was attacked by the Jewish Lobby for pointing out the prominent Jewish role in the slave trade.  He spoke about this experience in 2002-- an excellent first-hard account of Jewish maliciousness in action.


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Recommended Sites

The world's leading series of revisionist books on the Holocaust.  Includes "Debating the Holcaust" (listed above), along with some 40 other works.

Publisher of Holocaust series (above), along with several other important works of historical revisionsism.  Currently offering some 500 titles, in English and German.

Leading on-line journal for historical revisionism, with a focus on WW2 and the Holocaust.

A valuable and authoritative on-line webzine, addressing issues of "white identity, interests, and culture."  

"Revisionist history magazine and bookstore" -- timely and relevant material, one of the best sites out there.

A well-presented and highly useful site for issues related to German history and culture, white/European interests, and anti-Zionism.

Site dedicated to skeptical inquiry about Auschwitz and the Holocaust generally.

Shopping page of a fascinating "religion of the future," one associated with both the National Alliance ( and the journal National Vanguard (  Many excellent books for sale.

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