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Updated:  March 2024

Thomas Dalton is a professor of humanities at a major American university. He has published several books and articles on history and religion, with a special focus on the National Socialist era in Germany. He has also conducted extensive research on historical and contemporary Jewish relations.

All of the books above have been written, edited, translated, or introduced by Thomas Dalton.
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Political Cartoons of Der Sturmer, 1925-1945

Beginning in the 1920s, a man named Julius Streicher published a small weekly German newspaper called Der Stürmer. Its mission was straightforward: to warn the German people about the threats posed by foreign and domestic Jews. The dangers were very real, and Streicher's stories gave a blunt and direct account of them.


A key feature of Der Stürmer was its political cartoons. The cover of every issue, and several interior pages, displayed cartoons depicting various Jewish dangers, in a most striking and graphic form. The lead cartoonist was a man named 'Fips' Rupprecht. His cartoons became the signature feature of the newspaper, and grew to represent the broader German struggle against Jewry.


With the demise of National Socialist Germany, Der Stürmer and Fips' cartoons were largely forgotten. Or rather, they were buried-the victorious nations certainly did not want old Nazi images floating around, raising difficult questions and making people think.


Recently, though, a skilled digital artist named Robert Penman rediscovered the forgotten images. He carefully restored, colorized, and reissued them. Here, for the first time, he has compiled 200 of the best Fips images, as they have never been seen before.


Penman has done a masterful job. The images are sharp, crisp, and compelling. The colors are stunningly vivid. The effect is truly astonishing. Fips' cartoons, originally printed on cheap newsprint, come alive for the first time. Every image is a small masterpiece, a true work of contemporary art. And one each tells a story-a story with relevance for the present day.


-- Clemens & Blair, 2021, 278 pp. 

Mein Kampf Vol 1 - 3dtbg.png

Mein Kampf: Volumes 1 & 2

New English translation of the classic work by Adolf Hitler.  This is a complete and unedited translation of Volume One of Mein Kampf, in modern and highly readable American English.  This is the first such effort since the 1940s, and it far surpasses all existing versions.  This edition includes a detailed Introduction, section headings, helpful footnotes, bibliography, and useful index.


Mein Kampf is the autobiography and articulated worldview of one of the most consequential leaders in world history.  It is also one of the most maligned and least understood texts of the 20th century.  A major problem in the Anglophone world has been the poor state of English translations.  Both the Mannheim and Murphy editions are poor efforts, awkwardly phrased, and replete with archaic British wording; they are simply painful to read.  This new translation is clear, lucid, and highly readable—and yet true to the original.  And, unlike every other edition, this version has authentic section headings embedded in the text, which serve to both organize Hitler’s ideas and to parse long sections of text into manageable units. 


The Dalton translation will become the standard reference for this famous work.

-- Clemens & Blair, 2022, 376 pp.

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